Citi: Citigold Brave iOS App


Citi:  Citigold Brave Ios App

As Citibank’s most affluent customer group with a $200,000+ net worth, Citigold members benefit from their own dedicated team, in-depth financial guidance, access to market insights, and preferred pricing and rates on Citi products and services.  Unfortunately, the Citi Brave iOS app did not reflect any of these benefits.  Citi needed an updated digital strategy and design that showcases the bank's unparalleled service to Citigold customers through the Brave iOS app.  

In order to dive deep into the product, I was embedded into the Citi Fintech team, sitting with product owners, BAs, and developers to truly learn the ins and outs of both the Services and Brokerage products.

THE Approach

Because retention and relationship building was critical, we designed several features within the Brave app to keep Citigold customers engaged.  We started with building out a more robust customer service support feature, allowing customers to easily reach out to their personal relationship manager, wealth management advisor, Citigold concierge services and more. Next, in order to encourage eligible Citi customers to upgrade to the Citigold experience in-app, we created a seamless onboarding experience which explained value propositions and enabled easy sign up.  


Investment account creation

As an extension of the premium services for the Citigold customer, we also designed an easy way for customers to open up an investment account directly within the app. A typical appointment to open an investment account with a personal wealth management financial advisor (FA) may take over an hour. Our goal was to digitize the account creation process by reducing the 14-page form to a mobile-friendly 5-step process. The conversational tone in the copy mimics the discussion a customer would have with their FA, while simple UI interactions like the multiple choice selections and knowledge sliders make the account creation process seamless and fun.


all in the numbers



Reduction in approval time for brokerage account applications


Reduction in required fields for brokerage account applications


Role:  Senior Art Direction at Fluid    •    Credits:  Juliana Press, Nick Pierro