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Michael Kors:  KorsConcierge App

Michael Kors has established itself as a global designer label, with over 900 stores and boutiques and more than 12,000 employees around the world. In order to empower their store associates and strengthen their relationships with their clients, Kors sought to bring their outdated clientelling solution to a digital platform.

The Solution

Our vision was to build an in-store digital assistant for store associates that enabled them through training content, communication tools, and a powerful sales tracking dashboard. KorsConcierge also facilitates styling advice between the associate and their clients by putting together virtual outfits, making it easy to purchase - or save for later purchase online - without ever taking an item from the shelf.  


look & feel

Kors needed a sophisticated design that not only matched their brand look and feel, but was also intuitive and user friendly. This was cultivated through a very clean UI design that was inspired by the interior design of Michael Kors stores - a minimal and clean white aesthetic, simple typography, and subtle use of color, which allows for products and campaign imagery to tell their own story.


"When consumers are armed with more information, retailers are more likely to close a sale, no matter where that information came from."

- Deloitte


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Role:  Senior Art Direction at Fluid    •    Credits:  Henry Martes, Max Duggan