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Puma: Suede 50


PUMA Suede 50

After redesigning Puma to a new mobile first global platform, the team wanted a design and concept to celebrate their most classic shoe design: The Suede. It’s been 50 years since the world was introduced to the classic PUMA Suede for the first time. While other sneakers have come and gone, it’s clear no other has made such an impact on culture and society than the Suede. Leading a team of UX and Visual designers, we envisioned the Suede 50 Campaign, combining Puma heritage with modern limited edition releases, across the entire 50th anniversary year, in a truly global design campaign. 

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Look & feel

To mark the anniversary, Puma needed new look to tell the story of their rich history in an explorable and fresh way.  Taking inspiration from the iconic sole pattern, we accomplished this by designing an ever-growing release calendar, making it easy for users to navigate through all the releases - past, present and future.

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The Spotlight

Suede 50 is not just about the sneaker, it’s about how it influenced culture and each of their collaborators over the last half century.  Sharing their stories was just as important as highlighting the shoe. The campaign gave each of these artists and enthusiasts a platform to share their passion and limited edition designs with the world.

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Role:  Senior Art Direction at Fluid    •    Credits:  Chelsey Steinman, Tember Hopkins    •    Link:  Suede 50