Poppin: Site Redesign


Poppin Site Redesign

Poppin sells everything from $2 erasers to $50,000 office makeovers, so it was essential to create a scalable, mobile-friendly, responsively designed site that's colorfully on brand and allows Poppin to utilize real-time data to merchandise to each type of audience member.


"We believe that everyone, everywhere,
deserves to be happy."

- poppin

With their range of colors and styles, Poppin allows their customers to curate their spaces to match their personalities. It was essential to design the site in a way that inspires and fills people’s spaces with color and joy.


All in the numbers


Increase in
Online Revenue


Increase in


Increase in
mobile conversion

Role:  Senior Art Direction at Fluid    •    Credits:  Chelsey Steinman, Tember Hopkins    •    Link: www.poppin.com